Data Management Module

Data Management Module

CMDBuild includes two main modules:

  • The Administration Module, only for administrators users, is intended for the startup of the basic configuration and the consecutive modifications.
  • The Data Management Module, used by operators, lets you manage for the data cards consultation and update, run the processes, print of the reports, etc.

The main features of the Data Management Module include:

  • Data tabs management or “views” on data tabs


  • Researches on data tabs specifying both the filters on data and parameters on the classes relationship, with the possibility of saving new filters or using predefined filters
  • Data tabs input, creation and modification
  • Usage of the expected widgets
  • Master view – detail
  • Creation and modification of the relationships between data tabs
  • Research of the editing’s history to data and to the relationships between the managed objects
  • Attachments uploading connected to data tabs
  • Visualization of geo-referenced tabs on cartography
  • BIM models 3D viewer
  • Printing of the tabs list with the column selection and row filter setting
  • Printing of the current tab with detail report


  • Workflow management
    • Starting of processes
    • Advancing  of processes using the expected widgets
    • Consulting of the intermediate steps of the workflow


  • Reporting


  • Complex reports execution designed by an external editor and imported into the system (including several types of graphics, barcode, crosstab and other advanced elements)

-      Dashboard

-      Analysis of the configured graphics in the system and check of their KPI

-      Relation graph

-      -Utility functions

  • – massive editing of data tabs
  • CSV import
  • CSV export

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