Workflow engine

Workflow engine

One of the most important value ​​of CMDBuild is the possibility to easily configure the workflows through which you can manage in a collaborative way all the activities you need to perform to manage your IT infrastructure. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you will have:

  • the correct updating of the CMDB that is fully integrated with the workflows systems
  • a step-by-step process for all users which will be subject to standard procedures
  • a repository of data on ended activities, which can provide useful statistics and verification  of the SLAs contracted with customers
Just as the data model, also the workflow system is fully configurable in terms of which information is handled and how the flow management is designed.

Data persistence is managed through special classes that are configured in the same way as described in the Database modeling.

The process flow is designed with a specific open source editor Together Workflow Editor (TWE) and includes:

  • user roles allowed to perform the steps of the workflow
  • sequence of the operations, with the affected flows
  • information and widgets that the user can see at every step of the flow thanks to a specific data entry form that is automatically generated by the system
  • automatic activities that run between one step and the following (launch dependent processes, DB update, email sending, etc.)

The flow is designed using an XML descriptor, which is imported in CMDBuild and  associated to the process that is already configured for persistence aspects.

The internal engine Together Workflow Server (TWS) will then read the XML file and dynamically start/advance the process.

With these basic mechanisms all processes can be configured  in a "ITIL compliant" way that use ITIL best practices or other operational processes useful for any organization.

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