For a more effective operational management it is often useful to have several kind of reports that clearly show the data contained in the system: summary, analitical, statistical reports with different types of graphs.

Simple tabular reports can be automatically produced by printing the content of classe or views.

For the design of more complex reports you can use the Visual editor Ireport which is part of the JasperReports open source suite. This tool enables you to manage in an easy and intuitive way the formatting, grouping, sorting, summing, subreports, pictures graphs, etc. of the reports you want to have.

Just like the workflow management also for the reports you have a Visual editor that creates an XMLdescriptor which is imported in CMDBuild and associated with the corresponding report.

The JasperReport engine will then dynamically read the XML file and run the report.

In this easy way, you can create reports that feature:
  • lists and tabs
  • documents and letters
  • statistical information shown in different graph styles
  • barcode/qr code

Also, thanks the Versioning of the data sheets in CMDBuild you can create a report to show any information at a certain moment in time.

Useful links
Administrator Manual: Report

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