CMDBuild includes a scheduler that can be configured to run automated tasks in the background, both synchronous and asynchronous.

The scheduler allows you to:

  • check incoming emails from default accounts and/or with known patterns and register them in the system along with the attachments, notify the incoming, starts a workflow using its basic information (date, sender, subject, etc) or by running the"parsing" of the body of the email
  • check if certain asynchronous conditions happen on CMDB data  (such as the upcoming expiration of a warranty) and notify you via email, start a workflow, perform a system script
  • check if certain asynchronous conditions happen on CMDB data  (such as the change of a CI from an user to another) and notify you via email, start a workflow, perform a system script
  • start a workflow, with a set frequency
  • start an instance of the Wizard Connector with a set frequency

The control panel of the Scheduler (Task Manager) which is available in the Administration module, shows the tasks and their status and allows you to:

  • start a task that is not active
  • pause a started task
  • configure a new type of task
  • change the configuration of an already created task
  • remove a task
  • clone a task

The system is based on open source tool Quartz.

Useful links
Administrator Manual: Task Manager

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