To ensure a full traceability of all operations performed over time, CMDBuild automatically saves all modified sheets and relationships.

The archive of historical sheets includes all attributes of the sheets (the interface will show in different colors the values that have changed),the start and end dates of validity and the username of the user who performed the change activity.

It is therefore possible to analyze changes made to a card or display (via a "view") or print (via a report) at any given day and time (inventory, list of the open tickets, etc).

The Data Management Module interface includes for each data card a special page (TAB), which lists all versions stored for that card.

Technically speaking, the mechanism is made possible thanks to the "object features” that are available from the PostgreSQL database.

CMDBuild adopts these features to create “historical” tables next to each "class" and "domain" using the SQL syntax "inherits". These tables are created from the main table and kept up to date with each change of the datasheet or a relationship.

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User Manual: Cards - History TAB

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