Interoperability and connectors

Interoperability and connectors

The IT service management in organizations and medium to large businesses is necessarily performed with several systems that must be able to cooperate and communicate in the management of the activities and the assets.

CMDBuild is extremely useful to automatically receive and incorporate any information from the main management tool ("master") or to automatically verify the matching between the information recorded in the CMDB with those detected “on the field” and notify any discrepancies in the data.

CMDBuild can be also useful to receive from the monitoring system automatic notifications of assets failures

CMDBuild architecture provides interoperability solutions based on:

  • Native SOAP webservice
  • native REST webservice
  • webservice SOAP CMDBf standard compliant (contribution of the University of Bologna-Italy)

Thanks to the  SOAP and REST webservices, CMDBuild provides:

  • an advanced connector ("Advanced Connector", available for those who subscribe to the Annual subscription). The advanced connector is based on a configurable framework through the Groovy scripting language which is able to communicate with external systems using webservice or through a direct access to the DB or CSV files or receiving e-mails.
  • a simplified connector ("Wizard" Connector "), configurable from the user interface of the admin module of CMDBuild when the synchronization needs are less complex (we create a direct mapping between the entities that we want to update)

CMDBuild, thanks to the SOAP and REST web services, can implement some internal interoperability mechanisms such as the  "mobile app" for smartphones and tablets and the GUI Framework.

Each CMDBuild user can then use the same webservices to implement customized interoperability solutions.

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